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Sympathy on the Death of Dr. Moti Lall

Hits: 3492 | Published Date: 14 Jun, 2012
| Speech delivered at: 22nd Sitting- Tenth Parliament
| Speech Delivered by : Hon. Neendkumar, MP

Mr. Neendkumar: I recognise Sister Chritrarakha, Renuka and Aruna. I rise to support the motion moved by the Hon. Prime Minister.
Dr. Moti Lall was born on the 14th January, 1942 to parents Suraj and Betty Lall. He was the eldest of six siblings born in Buxton on the East Coast Demerara. Dr. Moti Lall did his primary education at the Buxton Primary School. Because of his outstanding performances, he attended Queen’s College, the supreme secondary institution in Guyana, where he continued his eye-catching achievements which led him to a career in medicine. A Government of Guyana Scholarship took him to Havana, Cuba in 1960 where his illustrious career in medicine, his heart’s desire, began. During the fourth year in Cuba, he requested, and was permitted, a transfer to complete and further his studies at the University of Rostock, East Germany.
Dr. Moti Lall considered Cuban’s medicine as a revolutionary advance, with extraordinary living exemplary of selflessness and commitment to the poor and oppressed. He was probably one of the few medical practitioners in this country who, while in charge of a programme, undertook medical outreaches. While in Germany, he completed a postgraduate programme in Pulmonary Care and sub-specialty in tuberculosis.
Dr. Moti Lall returned to Guyana in 1968, qualified as a pulmonologist. He, however, migrated to Winnipeg, Canada and worked in several hospitals until 1974 when he returned to Guyana and took up the position of Medical Superintendant at the then Best Hospital, now known as the West Demerara Regional Hospital. After several years as a Government employee, this distinguished son of the soil established his private practice at Vreed-en-Hoop, an entity he operated until his passing on the 10th of January, 2012, at a tender age of sixty-nine years.
Dr. Moti Lall and Ms. Chritrarakha Kumar won the heart of each other and became one in 1975. That togetherness bore them three children - Renuka, Pravin and Aruna. As a father, Dr. Moti Lall did not touch the lives of only his biological children. As a medical practitioner, he came into contact with thousands of patients, because of his nature. Those patients became his children. Many tales are told of his kindness, tenderness, patience, thoroughness and encouragement among other worthy attributes. He indeed fathered the babies, the young, the old, of all social strata, ethnic groups and religious persuasion. He did not only help people, he saved and changed their lives.
As a comrade, Dr. Moti Lall, with all he did, felt that he was not contributing enough to his fellow Guyanese and his country as a medical doctor. Dr. Moti Lall was a member of the PYO; he was a strong activist of the PPP; he was a member of the PPP’s central committee and he was the founder member of the Vreed-en-Hoop’s party district committee. He was the First Secretary of the Region 3 committee for more than two decades. He was popularly known for ending his annual reports by saying, “¡Viva la Revolución!” - Long live our party.
As a politician, he continued to give his all, his life, to his party and his country. He held several important positions in his party and he was in the position to continue his dream and desire which was to give humanitarian service to all. He held many prestigious offices during his time,  just to mention a few: President of the Guyana Chest Society and Chairman of the Central Housing and Planning Authority, President of the Guyana/Cuba Friendship Society and he was also an executive member of the Guyana Peace Council.
Dr. Moti Lall’s invaluable contribution to his society must rank him among the best produced by Guyana and must be held in the highest respect and admiration. He was not only qualified as a medical doctor, father and comrade, but must move to be honoured as a hero in Guyana.  Dr. Moti Lall said, with his conviction and pride, many years ago, and I quote: “It is always my desire not to take my skill somewhere else, but to serve, and continue, to my country and my people.” Long live the legacy of Dr. Moti Lall.
Thank you. [Applause]

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