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Sympathy on the Death of Dr. Moti Lall

Hits: 3523 | Published Date: 14 Jun, 2012
| Speech delivered at: 22nd Sitting- Tenth Parliament
| Speech Delivered by : Hon. Africo Selman, MP

Ms. Selman: I rise on behalf of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to support the motion standing in the name of the Hon. Prime Minister and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Samuel Hinds, under the caption, “Sympathy on the Death of Dr. Moti Lall”.
I did not have the privilege of personally knowing Dr. Lall, a former Member of this National Assembly, who, after lifelong service to his country, Guyana, departed this earthly plane on 10th January, 2012. However, I spoke with some former Members of this House and others who knew him. Consequently, I feel comfortable in paying tribute to him and in conveying our deepest sympathy to his surviving family members.
Born on 14th January, 1942, Dr. Lall was the eldest of his siblings who all grew up in the village of Buxton, East Coast Demerara. He spent most of his sixty-nine years on this stage of life, in service to the people of Guyana in various and in varying capacities, including as a medical practitioner, President of the Guyana Chest Society, a member of the PPP Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Housing and Planning Authority of the Ministry of Housing and Water, member of the Lion’s Club of Guyana and, indeed, as we all know, a Member of this honourable House, the National Assembly, from the period 1992 to 2001 and, again, in 2005.
The research that I have conducted reveals that Dr. Lall devoted his early years to acquiring the necessary education, training and skills to perform in his desired profession. He attended Queen’s College, as the Prime Minister said, and was later awarded a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba, after which he pursued a career in the field of medicine.
Dr. Moti Lall was first registered by the Medical Board as a medical practitioner in the early 1970s, after completing his medical degree at the University of Rostock, German Democratic Republic, in 1968. He obtained a diploma in Pulmonary Care and tuberculosis in 1970 from the same university, and, on returning to Guyana, he commenced his long and continuous service in the field of pulmonary medicine and tuberculosis control. He was appointed Principal Tuberculosis Officer in 1982 and held that position until 1997 when he retired. He was then retained as a consultant with the Ministry of Health to oversee the tuberculosis programme, a position he held until 1999 when he was appointed as adviser on communicable diseases.
I am advised, and do believe, that Dr. Moti Lall worked tirelessly towards the eradication of tuberculosis in Guyana. I was also informed that following the conversion of the Best Sanatorium, in 1986, to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, he continued to serve the public through several chest clinics nationwide. At the time of his death, he was the President of the Guyana Chest Society – a society that has existed for almost one hundred years in Guyana.
In recognition of his efforts to help reduce the scourge of tuberculosis, he was awarded the Silver Medal by the Ministry of Health in 1983 and in 1998, the country’s third highest award, the Cacique Crown of Honour, by the Government for his long and dedicated service in the field of medicine.
Dr. Lall is remembered, within the health sector, as an ardent advocate for better health care and was specifically instrumental in the establishment and the advancement of the Hansen’s disease programme in Guyana at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.
Dr. Moti Lall was an active member of the PPP since in the early 1960s and served as a Member of Parliament from 24th November, 1992 to 15th February, 2001 and, again, in 2005. Dr. Lall was also a former Commonwealth Observer and the Chairman of the Central Housing and Planning Authority.
His Excellency President Donald Ramotar, in his eulogy, described Dr. Moti Lall as an independent fighter who was faithful to his wife and family and who stood his ground to the principle of loyalty, even in testing times. It is, therefore, quite obvious that he was highly thought of and respected by the members of the PPP.
It is also obvious that he was well recognised among his Hindu brothers and sisters as a devoted brother. This is illustrated in the words of Pandit Suresh Sugrim in his message to the family which stated:
“Your loving husband was one of those extraordinary people who will never be forgotten  in a lifetime. His life was like a sunbeam that lit up the world around him, his family and  friends. Now we can bask in the rainbow of his loving memories that we will nurture in  the golden years ahead.”
As a person, as I stated earlier, I did not have the good fortune of knowing Dr. Moti Lall. But I have been told by Mr. Robert Corbin, the former Leader of the Opposition, who resides in Republic Park, that Dr. Moti Lall was highly respected in the community and was known for his decency, courtesy and upright living.
I wish, therefore, on behalf of A Partnership for National Unity to support the motion to convey deepest sympathy to his grieving widow Chritrarakha, two children and other relatives.
May his soul rest in peace.
Thank you. [Applause]

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